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Ratafia de Champagne

Ratafia de Champagne

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The delightful alchemy, discovered in the 13th century, now allows us to taste the caress of this Champagne grape juice magnificently transcended.

(Ratafia is an ancestral method of preserving fruit juice in the same way that salting was used to preserve meat.
Soléra is an ancestral method of maturing and gradually assembling different vintages, generally used for the great Port wines).

Patiently, the fruitiest juices, chosen from the best cuvees, were raised in small oak barrels and then blended around a heart of Pinot Noir D’Aÿ.

Composition30% Chardonnay 70% Pinot Noir. Second pressing musts cold settled, stabilised with liqueur (wine distillate) then raised in small oak barrels according to the rules of soléra, using the very best Champagne vintages.
AspectThe colour is remarkably warm, reminiscent of very old Champagnes or sweet, liquorish wines of more than thirty years of age. Amber coloured with pretty, coppery highlights that are almost red.
NoseThe first aromas are powerful, with cherry preserve, warm spices (turmeric), almonds and Maraschino against a background of meat juices providing depth. Then the expression becomes finer and more complex: chocolate, preserved orange peel, cherries in eau-de-vie and quince jelly, with a hint of cinnamon and then, gradually, a touch of the classic “rancio” of great fortified wines.
After breathing and warming a few degrees, dried fruits (apricots), poached pairs and even grape must begin to emerge. It’s as if this Ratafia de Champagne is rejuvenated as it warms up! This extraordinary blossoming is best enjoyed served at between 10 and 15°C.
MouthVery supple and smooth, we are immediately taken by its caressing creamy texture. This fullness is confirmed throughout the tasting process, and then gradually the fine Champagne temperament of this Ratafia refreshes the overall effect. This end of summer sweetness gives us delicious aromas of dried apricots, cocoa and cherries. The finish is long (8 to 10 seconds) and pure, with a handsome touch of acidity leaving the mouth perfectly clean and fresh.
ServiceWith meals, the magnificent creamy smooth texture and aromatic complexity enable daringly flamboyant matches with foie gras, sweet and savoury preserved meats (tajine, game with fruits) the richest cheeses, washed rind cheeses (Langres, Maroilles, Livarot, Munster, Epoisses…) accompanied by jam, for example, pressed uncooked cheeses (Cantal, Tomme) and, of course, the whole range of desserts, through to after dinner sweetmeats.

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